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Support from Azure

We provide users with the following free support services:

  Supported or not
Billing and Subscription Management
Service Dashboard
Web Event Submission
Unlimited Disruption/Restoration
Telephone Support
ICP Filing Support

Support Scope

  • Break-fix issues are technical problems you experience while using Azure services. "Break-fix" is an industry term that refers to “work involved in supporting a technology when it fails in the normal course of its function, which requires intervention by a support organization to be restored to working order."
  • We support all the Azure services that are publicly available online, as well as non-Microsoft technologies (e.g. the sample codes of Azure SDK and Python ) provided by Microsoft as part of Azure product functions.
  • For more information about support scope, please visit Support FAQ.

Working Time

  • Technical Support:
    • The severity category is Level A (emergency event): 24 x 7;
    • The severity category is Level B/C:
      • Technical support of the platform: 09:00–00:00 (all year round);
      • Technical support of development: 09:00–00:00 (business days only).
  • Billing, subscription and quota management support; product consulting and pre-sales support; ICP filing support: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on business days.

Note: The time above is Beijing time (UTC + 8)

Severity and Response Time

Severity2 Customer Status Expected 21Vianet Response Expected Customer Response

Key Business Impacts:

Customer’s business or service level is significantly reduced

Immediate attention required

Initial response:

2 hours or less

Works continuously all day

Allocates appropriate resources to keep working continuously all day

Accurate case owner contact information


Moderate business impact:

The level of customer business or service has decreased, but work can continue reasonably, with only efficiency reduced

Initial response:

4 hours or less

Allocate appropriate resources to keep working continuously

Accurate case owner contact information


Minimum business impact:

The customer's business is running smoothly with or without service barriers

Initial response:

8 hours or less

Accurate case owner contact information

1 Class A severity support is available only to customers who have signed the 21Vianet Premium online service agreement (purchasing services through the sales team).

2 21Vianet may reduce the severity level if the customer fails to provide sufficient resources or respond appropriately to enable 21Vianet to continue to address the issue.


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